Are you ready to sell your Washington DC property? If you think it’s time to get it sold in the market, you have to ensure that your house contains what it takes to capture the attention of your target market. You have to stage your house because the features it has matter a lot to the prospect buyers. To make it an attention getter, here are some tips you should think about. Though some Washington DC homes are priced higher than other estates, you can make it in demand with the following “it” factors.

Energy Efficient Features
The National Renewable Energy Labs found that homes with energy efficient features sell 20% higher and faster than houses without it. It can even increase the market value of the house by 17%. A solar home can be sold in 23 months while a non-solar home can be sold for 28 months. Also 55% of prospects appreciate a solar home. Aside from solar panels, you can also add solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, spray foam insulation, and high performance windows or doors.
Showcase these features during open houses and add it on your listings. You must highlight the benefits of it especially on their electricity or water bills.

Solar Installation

Smaller homes with lesser price tags
A study by the National Association of Home Builders reveals that smaller homes are sold faster than bigger ones because of the smaller price tags. So, you property should have only the basic features of the house like a one bathroom home. It can be sold 13% faster than other houses. More so, a two-storey house is sold 20% slower than a bungalow.

Make them feel “extra” special
Though they want a property for sale in DC, buyers want to feel you value them. So, sweeten the pond with extra stuffs like a vacation trip, movie ticket, pay her closing costs, throw a warranty for their appliances, etc. Think of something that can capture their interests.

Give a Good Price
With the financial crisis suffered by many people, expect a negotiation with your prospect buyer. Take note that they have researched for the prevailing median sale price, so you must know how to deal with it. Give the most appropriate price and appraisals, so that you won’t be losing a customer. Also, don’t price it too low just to get the deal done. Consider your own investment in that property.

Choose Good Words
Nothing can be more appealing than the best descriptions. A sweet tongue can convince a person that the house is destined to be him or her. You can describe the house with “move in condition”, beautiful, gorgeous, new landscaping, and must sell. By describing a property in that way, you can sell your home faster. Of course, you must be confident when saying it. A little doubt in your face will cause a lot of doubts to your costumer. If you have finally decided to sell your property in Washington DC, don’t sit down and wait for a buyer because he or she will not just knock at your door. Prepare your home, prepare yourself and have a good deal.

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