When leaves turn brown and the temperatures drop, then it’s time to call your DC Real Estate Agent to help you find your dream house. Buying a home in the Fall can have its benefits; and you certainly don’t want to miss out on great deals. So prepare that knitted scarf, a cup of hot cocoa, and sift through these tips for an easier purchasing experience.

Choose a Bargain

This is one of the best seasons to go house shopping for two reasons: it’s the busiest real estate time of the year so there are more choices in the market; and prices tend to drop in certain localities. Fall is considered a peak season for realtors, so even with the economic downturn, houses are selling like hotcakes. Take advantage of this by reading classifieds first and check if that red-brick Chateau you had your eye on over the summer is still available. During this season, one could actually attend dozens of open houses in a single day.

Buying A House In Fall
 It’s a given fact that prices plummet after Labor Day by as much as $7,000.00 to $20,000.00 – but that depends on the area. States in the South or in the West have a tendency to actually increase their offers once the cold months set in. But the Midwest and Northeast states have lower deals starting August and drop even more come October.

Avoid Crowds

A cozy log cabin by the lakeside? How about a spacious condo in the downtown area? The catch is – everyone else is thinking the same thing, too! Opt for not-so-popular locations instead to scout better bargains. There are folks who won’t wait until the snow melts to make their move, so now would be the best time to negotiate with them. Plus, if a house or location is not so sought after, chances are, it’s a gem in the rough (nice place, even nicer deal).

Remember Ads

Is that three-bedroom Georgian you saw last Memorial Day celebration still available on the papers? When houses don’t sell so easily, especially after a year or two, maybe it’s time to jump at the chance. Owners would be more desperate to negotiate since it’s been a long time that their property has remained stagnant in the market. Be careful though: some sellers are just out to make a profit. But it pays to remember which houses you previously wanted are still up for grabs. Who knows? Maybe there’s a reason why.
Houses On Sale
Time for Inspection

Fall is also the season of bad weather: sudden storms, hail, rough winds. But make this an occasion to check in on your chosen houses. Many people maintain their homes during this period so it would be great to know what they repaired, or cleaned. It would also give you a picture of how the house would be like in awful conditions.

Hire Help

Your realtor is there for a reason. Ask lots of questions and have him there during home inspections. It’s going to be a rough (but interesting!) journey, so obtain all the help you’ll need!

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