It's not easy finding the right home – if you haven't yet, try looking at several real estate sites like the Website Searching through online prospects usually saves some time because it can be done at the comfort of your home. But if you've chanced upon your perfect abode already, don't get too excited just yet.

Believe it or not, your agent might be failing to mention some key aspects that are actually important for you and your family. Don't worry though: it's nothing serious. But if you're like most homebuyers, these elements might be the key before signing that deal.
Mansion House

Some houses are just hard to sell. An agent might have looked over every nook and angle of a dwelling before presenting it; but still have that feeling of inadequacy. More often than not, most of them would fail to mention storage spaces in a home.

This could be anything: from attics to basements, garages or pantries. It's normal to think big when it comes to real estate marketing – even buyers forget to look at this key feature. If you've been a renter, you'll greatly appreciate knowing that there's an extra room for guests; or maybe that the attic can hold all your child's old toys.

Previous homeowners could have decked the kitchen with gorgeous open shelves; or installed built-in revolving storage amenities in the garage. It might not be a huge impact now, but some buyers see this as a good detail worth mentioning.


Some realtors think that just because a house can be located using an online map, means that buyers immediately know where it is. They might – but it's a new neighborhood and there are still lots of things they're not familiar with.
Decision Making
Indeed, a few brokers forget acknowledging that 24-hour convenience store a block away; or that the nearest public school is two miles south. That's why getting a local agent is very important during the house-hunt process. Different people have different requirements when it comes to location. Parents might prefer being close to bus stops; while kids want a restaurant within the vicinity. 

Don't wait for your agent to say specifics. Ask plenty of questions beforehand and if necessary, create a checklist of essential establishments that you'd like to be nearby. 

Green Features

The staging process can be stressful, it's forgivable to forget a few minute details every so often. But some buyers are really picky when it comes to energy efficient attributes of a home. If you're one of them, you'd love to hear that your future dwelling already has LED bulbs installed; or that the huge dryer is actually a water-saver. 

'Going green' has been a lifestyle adopted by many these days that failing to mention these features in a home might cost a sale. During a house tour, inquire if the seller has done anything special to save on electric bills.

After all, the home-buying process is a journey for both you and your agent. Give him the floor but also be vigilant.

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