Choosing A House
Stepping into that house with your Washington DC Realtor, you suddenly get a familiar feeling. Could it be that this dwelling is…the ‘One’?  Statistics show that it usually takes the average real estate buyer weeks or months before finally settling for a decision.

A lot of factors are included in the entire house-hunt procedure; most of them complicated problems about financial and family matters. Buyers can look into numerous houses and still insist that they haven’t seen their dream house yet. Some aspects buyers consider when looking at homes for sale in Washington are:

  • Neighborhood qualities: the house should not include annoying or pesky neighbors. The location should also be safe; be close enough to major establishments or a public transport; and have basic entertainment options.
  • Aesthetics: the house should of course, fulfill their basic requirements. A two-bedroom with a 100 square-inch of yard space? Probably not what they have in mind. Buyers think about the original wall color and furniture that they see during the staging process too – and that can influence how they’ll see themselves in the home.
So how will you know that a certain home is indeed…’The One’? Here are some signals that might point in the direction of a sale:

Good Vibes They say that people should trust their ‘gut-feel’. In the case of DC real estate, if you happen to immediately feel good the moment you step inside an abode – it’s your senses telling you that it might just be your dream home.

Plenty of people walk into houses and start to feel uneasy: it’s a normal and very primitive human instinct which acts as a warning to upcoming danger. Pat attention to this emotional response while house-shopping.


Remember that feeling of falling in love? Your heart races and your cheeks flush – the world suddenly looks brighter, and you’re more alert to every single detail about that person. Well, it’s the same for a house.

It’s really possible for people to technically fall in love with a home – that’s how most sales are closed. There are instances when folks are so enamored by a particular dwelling that they would be willing to cash in more than they had originally planned for. Indeed, love makes people do crazy things.


During the staging process, your Washington realtor might explain a few flaws in the home (like that hole in the attic and a dank basement), or you might see them yourself. Either way, you seem to find yourself making excuses for these minor details or even thinking of solutions of fixing them in the near future.
Key To A New Home

Imagination is a great thing: it helps people envision their hopes and eventually turn them into reality. If you’re unexpectedly daydreaming of a red leather couch in the living room; or how your kids would love that open courtyard – then it’s definitely contract bells from here on out.

Get that pen and make an offer; because you’ve found the right home!

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