While average buyers are looking into Where to Live in DC; a few have their eye on how to flip houses in DC. It's true – investing in real estate has become more exciting with the trend of flipping properties. What exactly is this and how does it work?

In short: 'flipping homes' means buying an undervalued property, renovating it, then selling it for a profit. Sounds huge? It does. A lot of people have built their business around this venture; and a few have quit their day jobs in favor for this new money-maker. It's a fact that it's one of the more lucrative real estate investments a person can make – but it's also very risky.
House Renovation

It's not easy finding the right home – if you haven't yet, try looking at several real estate sites like the Website Wheretoliveindc.com. Searching through online prospects usually saves some time because it can be done at the comfort of your home. But if you've chanced upon your perfect abode already, don't get too excited just yet.

Believe it or not, your agent might be failing to mention some key aspects that are actually important for you and your family. Don't worry though: it's nothing serious. But if you're like most homebuyers, these elements might be the key before signing that deal.

Choosing A House
Stepping into that house with your Washington DC Realtor, you suddenly get a familiar feeling. Could it be that this dwelling is…the ‘One’?  Statistics show that it usually takes the average real estate buyer weeks or months before finally settling for a decision.

A lot of factors are included in the entire house-hunt procedure; most of them complicated problems about financial and family matters. Buyers can look into numerous houses and still insist that they haven’t seen their dream house yet. Some aspects buyers consider when looking at homes for sale in Washington are:

Frugal Living
Real estate is still very lucrative despite current economic challenges; and DC property has been sitting at the top of this market for years. It’s no surprise: Washington holds the best neighborhoods in the country. But not everyone can be so lucky – the good offers usually end by late summer and most are left to sigh about lost deals. With a great broker though – and a bit of planning - DC real estate may be just a dream away.


When leaves turn brown and the temperatures drop, then it’s time to call your DC Real Estate Agent to help you find your dream house. Buying a home in the Fall can have its benefits; and you certainly don’t want to miss out on great deals. So prepare that knitted scarf, a cup of hot cocoa, and sift through these tips for an easier purchasing experience.

Choose a Bargain

This is one of the best seasons to go house shopping for two reasons: it’s the busiest real estate time of the year so there are more choices in the market; and prices tend to drop in certain localities. Fall is considered a peak season for realtors, so even with the economic downturn, houses are selling like hotcakes. Take advantage of this by reading classifieds first and check if that red-brick Chateau you had your eye on over the summer is still available. During this season, one could actually attend dozens of open houses in a single day.

Buying A House In Fall

Second Home
Washington DC property is a prime spot for residential houses as well vacation homes. Not only is the District of Columbia a hotbed of real estate, but the turnover here is pretty quick when it comes to rentals or actual home purchases. If you already have a house in DC or in another state, you’re probably thinking of getting a second home for vacations or emergencies. Before doing so, think about the few factors involved to make this experience as stress-free as possible.

Brightwood Houses
It’s a known fact that Washington DC real estate isn’t as affordable for most people (though one need only to research in order to get the best deals). Current mortgage rates aren’t helping much, plus the high cost of living in several districts in the region could be rather intimidating. But don’t let that deter you from moving into this historic and beautiful location! Tons of online resources offer help and professional advice for those who are willing to jump into this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be at the Capitol. When it comes to buying or renting a home in Washington though, how do you choose?
Here are some simple pointers to bear in mind:
  • Buying is still cheaper than renting.
  • Buying real estate makes way for future stability.
  • Real estate in DC is a hot commodity.

Buying a property in Washington DC will require a lot from you. Aside from investment, you need to spend time and effort not just for searching the house but also for all the documents and legalities that you need to undergo. If you have some business or work to attend to, buying a house will really take much of your time. However, you can’t delegate the job to a person who doesn’t have any knowledge about it; certainly you will need a mediator, known as the real estate agent. But why do you have to hire them? Here are top reasons:

Education and Experience in the real estate industry

A real estate industry is full of trickery. You don’t have to understand it all because your real estate agent will find it out for you. He will be the one to have access to all the properties listed in the place where you want to buy a property. It will also give convenience because you don’t have to go back and forth to begin the deal with the sellers.


Are you ready to sell your Washington DC property? If you think it’s time to get it sold in the market, you have to ensure that your house contains what it takes to capture the attention of your target market. You have to stage your house because the features it has matter a lot to the prospect buyers. To make it an attention getter, here are some tips you should think about. Though some Washington DC homes are priced higher than other estates, you can make it in demand with the following “it” factors.

The real estate industry of the United States of America is getting back to its pedestal starting from it s capital, Washington DC. In October 2007, it was shaken by the housing bubble burst that made the economy suffer a great economic depression and almost slip in the cliff of recession. However, in 2013, the industry showed improvements through the transaction flows from real estate transaction volumes.  It started to keep rising since 2011 as shown in this image.



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